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We, Welcome you to visit and play with all of our English Bulldogs & English Bulldog Puppies. You can tell a good Breeder, by how they care and house their Bulldogs, and how they treat their retired Bullies. If a breeder truly loves his/her Bullie, then how could they sale them after they have produced Puppies for them? Puppies which brought them money.

So if that is the case, then they are only in it for the money, so be careful. We DO NOT SALE retired Bullies. Once they are here, they are Family. If you are thinking of bringing Bullie Pup into your Family, then come visit us. You will then agree, that no Breeder can compare to the love, and care we give our Bulldogs. So find the time, and come visit US , in Fayetteville. TN

We do not show our Bulldogs because we put our time into our Bullies, our owners, and helping other English Bulldog Breeders and any Bulldog owner. I would rather put my money into Our Bulldog housing, treats, and toys. We make all of our owners contact available to any future buyer or Stud Service Client.

We have pups in 48 States! No Breeder can compare to Docs English Bulldogs and we are the Elite English Bulldog Breeder. I dare my future owners to compare us with any other breeders. We call each of our owners on a regular basis, and we are always available for them to call us. One look at Sire Doc Ain’t Skeered and anyone will tell you that he is the Best English Bulldog Stud, in which they have ever laid eyes on.

We have veterinarians in 4 States that will back my Statement. Veterinarians, not judges, are what count. Doc Ain’t Skeered is only 1 of our Bulldog Studs, We now have 6 Studs, and each are THE BEST of the BEST. Healthy, Wrinkly and Loving temperaments are their attributes. Big Fat Louie is going to rock the World, and is currently being bred with Sassy a sold white Bullie-Full Dam from Haleyville, AL. Rocky is Un-Be-Lieve-A-Bull, Bulldog Stud.

He even helps care for our bulldog pups, and loves to work in the office with me. Coach Dexter Butkus or better know as “Big Dex” is a Hoss! All Bullie! Lucky Logan is a upcoming Bulldog Stud Star. He is the Son of Big Dex and Lady Bandit. I work countless hours with my Bullies, spend countless hours on the phone with Veterinarians, Breeders, and Our owners just to learn all I can about the Breed. I will help any bulldog owner with any question, which they have. My Studs are hand Selected and come from Champion lines.

Bulldog Breeder

I choose Sires (Males) based on Health, Temperament, and Looks. I am sick of breeders, who are only out for the money, not health. My Bullies are my treat, and I share them with the world because I want my owners to be as happy as me.

I provided my Bullies with the Best! They are my kids and I never want to live a day without a Bulldog in my life! GOD blessed me with my Bulldogs. My bulldogs are a Gift from God, to share with the World and a gift to you to tell the world about how GREAT GOD and Bulldogs are! We only have limited English Bulldog pups a year, but I can give you great references for Good Breeders, whom have Healthy, loving puppies.

Thank you for your time.